Wind, frost and a lot of cold around Zschirnstein

Since we don’t want to go very far in winter, we decided to visit the Kleiner and Großer Zschirnstein in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains this Saturday.

While the weather below was still very mild, the icy wind that brought the frost brought up after the first climb. You could feel the cold, especially on the Großer Zschirnstein. But without the frost the view would have been only half as beautiful, because here again there was nothing with a view too far, as is so often the case in these cold winter months.

Just after the border to the Czech Republic, we were able to warm up a bit with goulash and tea before we went back over the Elbsandstein forest path past the Zirkelstein.

Total distance: 23085 m
Max elevation: 545 m
Total climbing: 1043 m
Total descent: -1043 m

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