F like Food and Drinks

My vittles

If you move, you need food and drinks, to get the energy from somewhere. So some vittles are a must for hiking.



Fortunately, I am very uncomplicated. At the beginning I often had fruit with me, but somewhere I switched to cereal bars. Especially over long distances, you need more energy, which are pressed very compactly in the cereal bar. The only thing, which I have found with even more calories on the same amount, would be chocolate bars, but not necessarily the better option.

If I am not hiking alone, we usually go to a restaurant for lunch. What always means with me and in the Czech Republic, that there will be goulash again. Very tasty, but it also has a catch. Every time I eat a complete meal, I feel tired and hiking is more difficult. But say no to good food? Never!

Also I like to take salami sticks or something like that with me. I tend to be one of those people who eat very little meat, but on a hike, always welcome.

In addition, I noticed to get a craving for fries when I’m hiking. From the past I know that this craving is mostly related to the lack of salt. As you sweat just as well when hiking, especially in summer, it is very convenient to have something saline with you.


For the most part I only have water to drink with me. On colder days it may also like to be a thermos full of tea for in between, which I like to drink when we go to eat, otherwise I hold myself to the water.

Meanwhile, is a LifeStraw bottle with my equipment with which you can safely drink from every puddle. But I had to notice in the summer, the many springs seem to dry up. However, if you know that you are also crossing along larger waters such as lakes or rivers, you need to carry much less, because you can fill up the bottle again and again.

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