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Ultra Hiking
Ultra Hiking

Ultra Hiking, or as it is often called in German: Fernwandern. Where ultra hiking does not always mean that you are on the road for days or weeks, but also try to cover greater distances in a short time.

Longer distances are all those that go beyond a normal day hike of 15 to 25 km. Very popular in this category are marches such as 50/12 (50 km in under 12 h) or 100/24 (100 km in under 24 h).

As soon as I read about it, I could not get away from the idea to do so. In fact, after just about 3 months of training and experience in hiking, I put on my shoes, packed my backpack and set off for 50 km. Poorly trained and bad prepared, I went off. Even under optimal circumstances, these 50 km would not have been easy, but even with the wrong shoes, I could only be glad to have also taken my sneakers with me.

Thanks to good moral support I somehow also got through these 50 km, learned a lot, but also took a lot of pain from it. The most important lesson: no matter what you take with you, it should be the lightest version of it, whether shoes, backpack, etc..

Meine Packliste / Ausrüstung

  • Brooks Ghost 12 GTX Men
  • Water 2-3 liter
  • Muesli bar 10 – 20 pieces
  • Headlamp
  • First aid, blister plaster always very important, as well as tape to fix it
  • Camera
  • Cell phone, without it I would only get lost
  • Powerbank
  • Papers, like ID, money, etc.

My biggest tours on the way to Ultra Hiking

September 21st, 2019Oberlausitzer Heide50.85 km350 m11h 59m 43s
September 30th – October 10th, 2019Erzgebirge, Aue – Karlsbad132 km2500 m8 days
November 2nd, 2019 Böhmisches Mittelgebirge 51.50 km1000 m 11h 48m 52s
February 8th, 2020Moritzburg51.12 km600 m11h 44m 26s
February 22nd, 2020Oberlausitzer Heide40 km300 m7h 47m 50s
March 7th, 2020Megamarsch Dresden50 km500 m9h 40m 54s
August 15th – 29th, 2020Kleine Karpaten, Tatra, Mala Fatra265 km12500 m14 days
October 19th, 2020Jakobsweg62 km560 m10 h 40m 12s