3rd 50/12

The way with a friend is half as far

The worst are the first 10 km, … and the last 10 km, … and strenuous the 30 km in between.

Hiking 50 km in one go is a lot, but certainly not easy. It doesn’t just take physical endurance, but also a head that does that. The will not to give up on the first little pain, but also to hold out.

I was very happy to be accompanied by a friend this time. If you rarely see each other you have a lot to tell and if there is something you have enough on a 50 km march it is time. But you can also clearly see how much more motivation for entertainment accumulates in the first half and then it gets rather quiet later. But one thing has definitely come true: “The way spent with a friend is half as far!”

With a time of 11h 44min I was able to undercut my previous best time by 4min. It is not much, but at least the trend is going in the right direction.

Total distance: 53186 m
Max elevation: 223 m
Total climbing: 1643 m
Total descent: -1654 m
Total time: 11:43:46

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