B like Bathophobia

The fear of depths

Bathophobia, or fear of depths, the fear you feel when you look down somewhere, start to sweat, tremble and feel dizziness. The fear of falling. It does not always have to be an abyss, it can also be a narrow, steep staircase to already feel uncomfortable.

That was exactly the feeling I had when I stood in front of this one staircase during my first hike in the Tisa Rocks. My whole body has trembled and memories came up, that this is not the first situation in which I feel this fear. Also on further hikes, at the viewpoints that have such beautiful cliffs that just go down, every time this fear comes up in me.

Until I decided not to accept it, to do something about it, and finally start climbing up everywhere. Up is never the problem, but you have to go down at some point. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it always works a little better. Almost five months later, I was back at the same staircase, thinking that this has to go wrong, and I was about to go downstairs. No twitching, no shaking, no fear.

When you explore your fears then you set yourself free.

Stephen Richards

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