Finally, some snow

Without knowing whether I would even get out of bed after yesterday’s 50 km, 20 km were planned for today, because I wanted to achieve a new record of 70 km this weekend.

Amazingly, the sore muscles have already said goodbye after the first few meters. Was to be expected from experience, but always pleasant when it works out. The only thing that didn’t feel so pleasant was the right little toe, which unfortunately is often too tight in the shoe and thinks that it has to hurt; 20 km, with every step. There’re nicer things – there’re worse things.

But that’s the price to pay if you finally want to see snow again. And it was worth it too. The ascent through the snow was not easy, but this fresh air and the bright sun were just wonderful and refreshing, for body and mind.

The descent through the snow was very fun. I used to run most of it in the snow out of habit, despite not being perfectly stable. Small slips were there, but it was not enough to fall.

Total distance: 21381 m
Max elevation: 749 m
Total climbing: 1169 m
Total descent: -1162 m
Total time: 06:19:45

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