Oneway Aue – Karlovy Vary, please

At some point came this crazy idea to me, just go hiking a few days in a row. Every day a piece, every day a little further. So I picked out a route: 8 days, every day between 10 and 20 km. So: Oneway Aue – Karlovy Vary, please. Over the Ore Mountains, through forests, passing lakes and even through an industrial area (wuää), down to Karlovy Vary. While the first three days were in constant rain, we could look forward to a little better weather from the fourth day. It does not have to be 30 ° C when hiking, but it does not have to rain either. The last two days we were allowed to enjoy sunshine, which made the low temperatures very pleasant.
Every morning when I woke up, my legs felt heavy, hurt and I thought that I would not be able to get through today’s kilometers. But to my surprise, the pain disappeared after the first few meters and I could continue happily. True to the motto: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Accommodation stations:

  • Erlabrunn
  • Pernink
  • Lesík
  • Chodov
  • Svatava
  • Horní Slavkov
  • Loket
  • Karlovy Vary

Relive ‘Aue – Karlovy Vary’

Total distance: 133010 m
Max elevation: 1043 m
Total climbing: 3634 m
Total descent: -3690 m
Total time: 13:25:23

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