My first 50/12

When I first heard about such crazy people hiking 50 km in less than 12h, I wanted to know if I could do that too. So I put on my shoes, packed things and went to the planned route.

Back then with the hiking boots, which quickly turned out to be a big mistake. These are ideal for distances up to 25 km, but for further with almost 800g (per shoe!) just too heavy. But not only the physical can be a problem. It becomes more difficult when the head no longer wants to go on. The worst was between 32 – 38 km.

But with the help of a friend and good music, it went on and on. But in spite of everything, I finally pulled it off. Anything but well-prepared and painless, but I persevered!

Relive ’50/12, Oberlausitzer Heide- & Teichlandschaft, DE’

Total distance: 52358 m
Max elevation: 162 m
Total climbing: 643 m
Total descent: -654 m
Total time: 09:59:27

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