You can not see too many ruins…

With already two visited ruins the day before, it went on Sunday just like that. As you can not see too many ruins but only have not enough time. Since the legs were still a bit tired, I put the distance between the two ruins back by car. Sometimes you just have to be reasonable and give your body a break.

Relive ‘Kostomlaty pod Milešovkov, Česká Republika’

Relive ‘Ostrý, Česká Republika’

Total distance: 10308 m
Max elevation: 734 m
Total climbing: 304 m
Total descent: -310 m
Total time: 02:22:21
Total distance: 2944 m
Max elevation: 555 m
Total climbing: 132 m
Total descent: -133 m
Total time: 01:06:51

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