50/12 for the second time

What you can do once, you can do a second time. Said and done. This time with much more altitude than the first time, I thought on the way there this is nothing today. Intuitively everything has spoken against it, nevertheless I wanted to try it. This time with light trekking shoes and a lighter backpack, what else can go wrong? Unfortunately a lot. The weather did not allow for a view that could have been enjoyed, which is why I spared myself climbing up to the lookout towers, the backpack was the wrong choice, as I had to carry most of the weight on my shoulders and slipping in the foliage and hitting a stone with your buttocks leaves its mark. But no new blisters, no muscle soreness and with 51,9 km my farthest distance that I hiked so far.

The head had already done a lot better this time, but without the right music it would had looked very different.

Biggest Lesson: Hiking on a dark, unlit road with a headlight is not a problem, but you should take it off before you get back to town, as it can cause some very strange looks.

Relive ‘Usti nad Labem <-> Litomerice, CZ’

Total distance: 52495 m
Max elevation: 653 m
Total climbing: 1197 m
Total descent: -1197 m
Total time: 11:48:52

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