1 Day, 2 Hikes

Back in my homeland, a sleepless morning and relatives who love to hike have made sure that I put on my hiking boots twice that day. For years livinged there, but discovering for the first time on foot. While I looked at the Jurapark early in the morning, we left in the afternoon to explore the forest around Liebburg. This also resulted in a beautiful view of Lake Constance.

Relive ‘Jurapark, Schweiz’

Relive ‘Liebburg, Schweiz’

Total distance: 6748 m
Max elevation: 556 m
Total climbing: 285 m
Total descent: -212 m
Total time: 01:21:09
Total distance: 11448 m
Max elevation: 504 m
Total climbing: 212 m
Total descent: -216 m
Total time: 02:28:33

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