When you can’t sleep…

After a night full of no sleep, I just spontaneously started walking and surrounded the Zadar peninsula. Early in the morning at 4AM. To swim early at 6AM already for the first time in the ocean. On the way, I met people from the last party, who were just going home.

My first stop was at the Greetings to the sun accompanied by the Sea Organ . Two attractions that are definitely worth seeing. Further I took the way back along the coast.

Arrived at our beach I have not let it taken from me to jump into the sea. As it turns out, the sea is even warmer at 6AM than the air temperature.

Relive ‘Zadar, Hrvatska’

Total distance: 8605 m
Max elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 117 m
Total descent: -121 m
Total time: 02:51:13

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