Snow hike through Zschoner Grund

Because of the pandemic, we start this year with a 15 km radius restriction again. Sure, I like to go a little further away to go hiking, but there are always enough things to discover in the near surroundings.

Already in October 2020 I hiked once through the Zschoner Grund, but that was on the last quarter of a 60 km hike. I have not noticed much more and just wanted to go home. So it remained only to come back again and look at it in peace.

Even in winter we keep our beer drinking tradition from Slovakia. However, we are slowly running out of supplies. We have to come up with something.
Total distance: 20160 m
Max elevation: 275 m
Total climbing: 448 m
Total descent: -435 m
Total time: 04:40:35

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