Finally, goulash again!!!

After a very long time, we finally got the opportunity to go hiking in the Czech Republic again. The anticipation for the lunch was very big since days, how I missed the goulash at the Czech Republic.

Shortly after eight I was picked up by a car that was already almost full, and so we set off for Hinterhermsdorf. We started shortly after nine to follow the rocky path of Kyjov today.

The rocky path of Kyjov is a path with some steps, stairs and single ladders. All in all not too demanding, but very nice and the many blueberry bushes are very welcome especially at these high temperatures. There were also some carvings to admire, which were placed along the path.

After the rocky path we followed the path further to Doubice, where lunch was waiting for us. After 4 months of abstinence, I finally had a really delicious goulash from the Czech kitchen. A non-alcoholic shandy made the lunch break perfect.

I also used the break to change my shoes from light hiking boots to barefoot shoes. After I successfully hiked 4 km in it last week, I wanted to extend the distance a bit today to get my feet used to it more. Since I felt a slight pain in my ankle after the first attempt, probably due to overstraining, I was a bit more prepared this time and wore bandages for support. At some point it should be possible to do it without, but you don’t have to take full risk right from the start.

Further along the cycle path 3031 we followed it until the next blue mark to turn right. Via Niedermühle / Obere Schleuse we ended our hike back on the German side where we finished the day with a delicious cup of ice cream.

Meanwhile, I have been smoke-free for 13 days and I could already feel a development today again. With a maximum heartbeat of 157 bpm I stayed completely below 160 bpm and felt better during the whole hike. Even if it will still be a long way to go, it is definitely the one in the right direction.

Total distance: 25970 m
Max elevation: 453 m
Total climbing: 1107 m
Total descent: -1120 m
Total time: 07:27:55

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