60 km – A new record

Despite knee pain I had decided to do the 60 km. The knee was bandaged and as it turned out the least problem within those 60 km. The only thing I did not achieve that day was to stay under 10 hours, but I think even with 10 hours 40 minutes, I can be very satisfied.

Since I didn’t feel like walking the last kilometers in the dark in the evening, the start was already shortly before 6 o’clock. Following are the impressions I experienced on the way.

In the dark I set off along the Way of St. James.
The autumn leaves its first traces.
“I like autumn. Everything dies somehow, but it dies very nicely.” – @odlicnana
At Moritzburg Castle was half time. At least regarding the distance. Unfortunately, I was already aware that I would not be able to maintain this speed.
After 60 km: The Final Boss!

After exactly 62.9 km I arrived at my destination. It all hurt and I knew there would be sore muscles (it was much less than I thought, fortunately), but I was glad to have made it through without getting a single blister.

Total distance: 62967 m
Max elevation: 308 m
Total climbing: 1325 m
Total descent: -1367 m
Total time: 10:40:12

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