50/12 – Back to the roots

Success is a matter of opinion

I was supposed to be accompanied by a second friend two weeks ago when I started for another 50/12, but he got sick at that time. But since he would like to go for a long distance hike before the Megamarch in Dresden on March 7th, so we went out again today.

The starting point in Neudorf was not unknown to me, it was more like back to the roots from where I started my first attempt to hike a 50/12, knowing that I had to take the last 50 m again with a lot of humor, because after 50 km walking over cobblestone isn’t exactly the fun you want.

With a lot of ponds in the area, the Upper Lusatian Heath always offers beautiful views and a home for animals. In addition to the ducks and swans, this time we also had the pleasure of seeing deer, geese, storks and just everything.

The heath land is a very good area if you just want to hike in distance. It is very flat and at least takes the challenge of getting up the mountain out of it.

After 30 km in sometimes very icy winds, a toe that already hurt 25 km and legs that started to got tired, we decided to shorten the distance to 40 km. We hiked this in a proud time of 7h 47min. This gives an average speed of almost 5.1 km / h, an average I never had been able to get on a distance of more than 30 km.

Total distance: 40592 m
Max elevation: 176 m
Total climbing: 874 m
Total descent: -855 m
Total time: 07:47:24

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