What is a 10-20-30 weekend? It’s simple: 10 km hike on Friday, 20 km hike on Saturday and 30 km hike on Sunday. Sounds easy enough at first, but I’ve added a few challenges in the meantime. Starting with the Streak Running I held back with the hikes for a while. I was still on the road, but mostly only once per weekend and usually only about 20 km. That should change a bit with this weekend, without interrupting my Streak. It was not easy, but doable. Where I was and what I saw, you can see in the following sections.

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Starting on Friday, I had decided to walk the 10 km in barefoot socks. On asphalt this is quite uncomfortable, but through the mud even more beautiful.

Just me
Total distance: 11162 m
Max elevation: 312 m
Total climbing: 159 m
Total descent: -165 m
Total time: 02:14:38

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Starting on the Way of St. James, following this I hiked to Herzogswalde and back.

Total distance: 21580 m
Max elevation: 360 m
Total climbing: 327 m
Total descent: -304 m
Total time: 03:47:24

Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Together with friends, we set out on Sunday to hike through the vineyards of Radebeul and return via a detour past Moritzburg Castle to get 30 km together.

Total distance: 31344 m
Max elevation: 240 m
Total climbing: 544 m
Total descent: -551 m
Total time: 07:04:11

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